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Harnessing the sun’s power to supply a building’s energy needs, is not a new concept, as solar panels have been around in some form for decades. Solar tiles serve as replacements for traditional ones, serving the practical purpose of converting the sun’s rays into useful, clean energy.

The solar panels in our portfolio are mono-crystalline silicon solar cells, with dimensions of 156x156mm, with a maximum power of 9W, output tolerance +0/5%.

10-20% of the solar energy hitting the panels is converted into usable energy.

Solar tiles are ideal for all green building projects because the energy they produce is substantially cleaner than the one produced by other methods of electricity supply.

Such solar tiles are increasingly found on roofs, thanks to consumers who want sustainable energy and low costs. Solar panels can replace traditional tiles, ensuring only the original structure of the roof, without the need for additional work.

Solar installation and technology reduce electricity consumption, contribute to the energy transition and reduce CO2 emissions worldwide. Energy bills can be reduced by up to 60% through the optimized use of solar technology, proving that including such solar panels in building schemes is an economically smart move.

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