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Through CityManager, local public institutions choose to progressively remove administrative barriers and develop public services in the online public space.

The proposed software solution is an integrated web-based solution (meaning it can be accessed from any computer directly from the Browser, eg Chrome, Internet Explorer), with a single common database, which meets the needs of digitization of services in the Public Administration while following the legal provisions.

The electronic, efficient, transparent and friendly governance towards citizens and the private sector will accelerate the development of all areas of the country and will align the country with European standards. The proposed software solution supports the implementation of the internal managerial control system according to Order 600/2018 and the new administrative code.

In short, CityManager facilitates the digital interaction between public administration and citizens, provides real-time access to public data and information, simplifies the work of the administrative apparatus, debureaucratizes the administrative system, provides quality online public services to citizens, eliminates the need to go to institutions, saves time for all actors involved and offers new opportunities for local development.

The CityManager START package includes the following modules / applications:


  • Electronic register and document flow, secondary registers
  • Electronic archiving
  • Submit documents online
  • Issuing promissory notes
  • Check online document status
  • Reporting problems in the public space
  • Notification real-time Map
  • Online appointments
  • Petitions
  • Automatic site publishing
  • Integration with ghișeul.ro
  • Local Official Monitor
  • Monthly activity report for the Mayor by email and SMS (number of documents managed online / counter, number of documents with expired deadlines / departments, number of online notifications)

The integrated system: CityManager is available in various packages / versions: Standard, Gold, Premium. For details please contact us.


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