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DELIVRABLE: smart locker, management and control app, customizable design

DocuBox was developed and integrated as a click and collect service that connects citizens and institutions without having to go to the counter or stand in line – through smart lockers / lockers mounted within the locality. DocuBox means zero waiting time at counters, queues or institutions.

ThroughDocubox , citizens deliver the necessary requests / documents for fulfilling the taxpayer’s obligations directly to the approved department within the City Hall, and the City Hall issues them when necessary and delivers the documents in DocuBox.

Simple and fast… just pick them up when you have time, without depending on the program at the counter.

The Docubox equipment is basically a smart locker, specially created for exchanging documents, with integrated touchscreen, QR Code scanner, metal keyboard, speaker and printer. Equipped with an unique encryption protocol, sensors for the closing / opening system it allows remote control and statistical data related to the number of uses  per location.

From the official website of the institution – you will be able to choose how to submit / release documents.

  1. In this case you will choose DocuBox and you will be able to see the exact location of the locker in your area.
  2. Once the request has been processed, YOU WILL RECEIVE THE CODE FOR UNLOCKING THE DOCUBOX DRAWER.
  3. Go to DocuBox, enter your PIN or scan the QR code and unlock the drawer.
  4. Then just enter the documents (placed in a folder / folder or sheet) and you are READY.


    • Available 24/7
    • No direct contact between public employees and citizens
    • Possibility of locating Docubox in crowded areas within the city
    • No wasted time waiting in line at the counter
    • Reduced time for depositing and lifting documents
    • No running off from work
    depunere documente primarie prin docubox

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