EN Trash Master smart bins

Deliverable: intelligent waste collection system, integrated sensors

Current problems, the increase in solid waste pollution combined with the expansion of government standards on waste management (selective collection, recycling, etc.) now lead us to a new concept: intelligent waste management using technology. The smart bins in the smart city solution portfolio offer a modern solution for efficient waste collection and management.

The smart bins proposed are equipped with solar panels, access cards, container sensors, automated garbage compaction system, management and monitoring software.

Integrated software allows real-time monitoring, filling level measurement, collection task management. This centralized operation, integrated functions and real-time reporting, reduce collection frequency, provide an overview of sanitation and concrete data that can be the basis for smart recycling in the future.

Recycling and waste separation are the main trends of our society today. The amount of solid waste generated increases exponentially, while landfills are overcrowded. We need to take action as soon as possible. Fortunately, technology offers us several solutions.

Due to innovation, it becomes even easier to collect recyclable materials, gather big data, and create reports using cloud software.

TrashMaster is a smart street container, made of a weather-resistant, galvanized steel housing, easy to install, equipped with solar panels, fire sensors, overflow sensor, scale, waste compaction system, card reader and sensor system for opening.


TrashMaster can be customized according to the needs both in terms of collection capacity 120L, 240L, 360L, 1100L and the number of fractions desired for collection.

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