EN Smart parking solution Detection and Payment

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Wires are no longer needed for parking space management, no overhead or buried sensors are needed with no maintenance costs.

All parking spaces in a city can be integrated in the same interface to know exactly how many and especially where they are free and this information is transmitted in real time to displays or mobile applications. That easy!

You can manage parking areas with IP cameras

        • This solutions lets you manage parking areas, detect cars in a video stream, lets you know how many free/occupied spots are in the parking place.
        • Real-time information regarding free places
        • Quick and easy notifications
        • Acces to an event database
        • Acces to reports
        • Real-time forecast
        • Real time video



    The solution is suitable for different types of parking lots:

      • Open parking lots
      • Underground parking
      • Multistory
      • Residential
      • Shopping malls
      • Industrial and street parks

    Integrated payments options

    • payment by SMS
    • payment by bank card
    • payment via Wallet from Netopia

    The smart parking solution is a reliable, cost-effective tool to monitor public or private parking spaces.

    At any time it is known how many parking spaces are available and where exactly in the location or in the city, regardless of size. Occupancy reports and statistics by area or group can be consulted and appropriate action taken.

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