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Delivrable: equipment for smart poles, remote management server, 24W LED lamps, WIFI communication module, installation, training

Remote management solution that allows the transition from classic to intelligent lighting: greener, safer, more economical + smart poles.

Soluția TNT iLight The iLight solution proposed, allows the management of public interest devices (LED lighting fixtures, surveillance cameras, internal access points) set in the locality. This solution allows creating a wireless communication infrastructure (MESH) of 2.4 GHz band radio, which allows the control of devices – LED lighting – equipped with light intensity control mode (dimming).

With iLight  you can remotely control all public lights / lamps / LEDs via a MESH WIFI network. You can reduce power consumption by programming the light intensity or on / off hours depending on various parameters.

The technology on which we developed this solution uses sensors, applications and other devices connected to IoT, to manage and monitor various systems and devices in the public space.


  • Remote control / neighborhoods / states / zones
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Cost optimization (public money)
  • Increased population comfort and safety
  • Interactive map of field equipment
  • Real-time alerts
  • Dedicated support 24/7
  • Maintenance services

Acces to intelligent technology and modern solutions for remote management of public lighting systems serve the benefit of the community and a modern and energy-efficient lifestyle.

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