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We deliver: IP cameras capable of LPR + facial recognition, NVR+HDD storage solution, mobile management application, full installation


Surveillance systems have become a necessity over time and a key component in ensuring safety and security for each of us.

The smart public surveillance and monitoring solution included in our portfolio allows local government to use WIFI connected surveillance cameras to increase the overall safety of the community/areas of interest and to improve the efficiency of law enforcement.

We offer full support in choosing the right products, installation, intuitive equipment and software, post-implementation support, supervisory project approval, professionalism and a certified team with over 25 years of experience.

The surveillance cameras, give you the advantage of always being on the move and constantly ensuring that everything is going well.


  • Safety of public spaces/areas of interest/persons
  • Analysis of the flow of people
  • Removal of suspicions
  • Maintaining public order
  • Crime prevention
  • Decreased response time in case of interventions for emergency situations
  • Remote management
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