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Smart Village is an innovative concept that defines the village/municipality that interacts with its inhabitants in an intelligent way. A smart village is an ecosystem characterized by the adoption and implementation of IT&C solutions that streamline the interaction between the state and citizens, simplify public services, reduce energy consumption, increase the quality of life and public comfort and safety.

The WIFI solution we developed, represents a key solution offered to those public institutions, that want to give citizens or extend their access to the Internet, through WIFI connectivity.

One of the advantages of this Wi-fi solution is that it allows citizens to access the Internet, even in the most remote places. Imagine what it would be like, for example, in the historic center, if every user (citizen or tourist) could access the internet from their smartphone, thanks to these WIFI access points.

Routers that are installed in public spaces, create an invisible space of connectivity, known as wifi hotspot.

Some of the main advantages brought by this solution are:

  • increasing the satisfaction of the community
  • creating a smart network to which a lot of sensors and equipment can be added later to increase the quality of life in the village or city,
  • bringing added value to the community,
  • easy and fast access to information from event the most remote locations.
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