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The InfoKiosk solution is suitable for any type of public institution and has the role of facilitating various services to citizens through the info touch system. The product itself is a public access computer with a touch screen interface, on which various information can be presented or interaction with certain departments within the institution can be realized.  Due to the touch screen and user-friendly interface, the Infokiosk is simple and easy for anyone to use.

In our portfolio, InfoKiosk solutions enable the following operations/services in the interaction of public institutions with the citizens served:

  • Payment of duties and taxes
  • Issuance of tax certificates
  • Issuance of certificates
  • Issuing purchase orders (ticketing system)
  • Accessing information on the documents required for certain operations


  • Easy to access, fast and flexible
  • It provides access to information at the institution’s premises without the need for interaction at the counter
  • New services made available to the citizen (who can query accurate information)
  • It reduces the workload of the civil servant
  • Reduces crowding at counters
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